Just spent the weekend at Kellys Hotel in Rosslaire with my daughter, what a delightful place.

Designer French Inspired Fautevil by Becara of Madrid with Boucher Patterned Upholstery

In Kildare for all of today with Jane & Reuben lotting up the rest of a very interesting auction we’re holding on Saturday. A no reserve auction (a first for me) of the entire contents of a very high-end (and I mean very high end – the tops)  interior decorators.

Like a lot of luxury businesses that catered for the newly minted, it just couldn’t keep going. Pity, it was a beautiful business. We’ve had to move it all into a warehouse place next to a welders (which has it’s own charm I suppose!) near Kill instead of the magnificence of it’s original surroundings but there you go. If you’re looking for the billionaire look on a budget this is the auction for you.

Damien Matthews


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