The artist getting a point across before the opening night.

What a crowd we had here last night! Auction Room absolutely heaving with Donleavyesque types, result – wine consumption at an all time high!

Don’t wish to be a name dropper but my, what a crowd. Which reminds me of a story that Derek Hill told against himself. Mary Robinson when sitting for a portrait said, ‘Derek, you’re such a name-dropper’. To which he replied, ‘ You know Mary, it’s funny you should say that because that’s exactly what the Queen Mother said to me last week’.

Anyhow, nice to see them all out from their various castles and estates for the night. Exhibition runs for another ten days. Off to Kildare now for the viewing of that interiors auction and will be there again tomorrow for the big day. Should go well, you can’t beat no reserve.

Damien Matthews


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