In 1940s & 50s America, Washington had an educated well-to-do black elite every bit as smart and forward thinking as white folk, but disparaged, stupidly, because of skin colour and aspiration. Today we have a kind of Negroland creeping in again. Although the triumph of Donald J. Trump as America’s 45th President Elect has come as great surprise we mustn’t jump to conclusion. He’s a very smart man, albeit one who has spoken divisively to gain election against a very tough, experienced opponent. But getting elected, and being elected, are two different things. I say give him a chance.

Before a storm of vindictive comes my way, let’s be clear. In no way do I condone some of the things he has said, only that he is legally elected and means well for his country. Sometimes the ego of the superrich is something to behold, but I’m hopeful that eighteen months of travel throughout the poorer states of America has genuinely broadened his outlook, helping him gain compassion for those not as financially successful as he. One Hopes. America the Brave.

Damien Matthews


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