We have decided as a group here at Matthews Auctioneers that in order to respect the seriousness of potential harm to the vulnerable and elderly in our society that our two-day auction this weekend will be conducted under slightly different parameters than usual. It will be a ‘closed auction’. Meaning that the auction will be (much like some championship football matches recently played) held in a closed-off area of the auction room. No public Gathering of People. None.

People will be still allowed individual access to the auction room this Thursday & Friday (11am to 5pm) to view the auction, but each must respect a 2 meter social distancing space. Catalogues will be free and left on the front desk for each viewers use. And taken home with them. The auction room will also be open on both auction days this weekend, Saturday & Sunday 11am to 6pm, BUT the auction itself will be held in a closed off area upstairs in the auction building with NO public access. It will commence at 2pm each day as advertised. It will continue as a Normal Auction BUT with no people present!

To keep the process fair, those wishing to Bid will be allowed to do so in Four Ways
By going to our website and opening the ‘Current Catalogue’ page. Click the ‘Bid’ button beside the description for each illustrated Lot and enter maximum amount you wish to bid. We will execute the bid for you during the auction.
By going to the website and looking up Matthews Auctioneers Current Auction. The auction will appear on your screen in real-time, starting 2pm each day. Each lot as it is offered will be displayed on your screen, alongside bidding increments as well as audio and visual of the auctioneer as he sells each lot. Should you wish to bid, just click on the ‘Bid Now’ button as the Lot comes up and this bid amount will be registered to you.
By telephoning the auctioneer at 046 9240568 or 049 8550055 and booking in a phone bid. During the auction the Sale Clerk will ring you just before your Lot comes up on the block. 
By filling in an absentee bid form in the auction room. These printed forms will be left about the auction room and once filled in can be left in a designated box on the front desk. A Social Distance of 2 Meters Must be Respected. We will enter these written bids into the Sale Clerk’s auction sheets, and he will bid for you as if you were in the room.
By ringing the auctioneer and listing the Lots you wish to leave absentee bids on, and the amount of each bid. Again, the Sale Clerk will bid on your behalf. Ring 046 9240568 or 049 8550055

Collection of Purchases.
To maintain social distancing, purchases can be collected individually by each person at the auction room, but maintaining a social distancing of 2 meters is paramount. Or if you wish, the Lot(s) you might purchase can delivered directly to your home or business by John Reilly & Sons, our in-house delivery team. Just let us know and we’ll arrange it. If you’d like to speak with John directly, his mobile is 086 1721676. He is very reasonable, and careful, and can deliver anywhere in Ireland & England. Our at-cost packing and postal service (registered & insured to a maximum of €400) will also still be available. An option for those purchasing smaller sized Lots. 
Cash payments will be discouraged with payment preferably by card or bank transfer. We will be open for collections and payments during the auction on Saturday and Sunday, and for the slightly longer time-frame of three days after the auction – Monday/TuesdayWednesday (23rd, 24th & 25th March), 10am to 6pm each day. This will be to accommodate a probable slower rate of collections for this auction.

Good Bidding & Good Luck, mind yourselves.


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